The Lottery Versus The Rocking Horse Winner

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The Lottery versus The Rocking Horse Winner “The Lottery” and “The Rocking Horse Winner” provides two different uses of the settings in a short story that emphasizes the state of being in the story, whereas Shirley Jackson in “The Lottery” uses the settings to divert the reader, and D.H. Lawrence uses the settings to shape the story. “The Lottery is a short story that takes place in a town in New England. The story has nothing to do with an actual raffle, but instead refers to expiration of life. Once a year everyone in town comes together as a community to decide who will be pelted to death, as has occurred annually for many years. The attitude of the townspeople seems almost joyous. There seems to be no remorse for the…show more content…
She does not appreciate the gift she was given, and always has a desire for more. Paul, her youngest son tries to fulfill her happiness, but never succeeds. (Lawrence, 1926) The theme of “The Lottery” was never clearly determined until the end of the story where the author reveals the true meaning of the annual event, where someone must always die. (Jackson, 1948) The characters of “The Rocking Horse Winner” are Hester, the mother who was not happy, and Paul, her adolescent son. There were also supporting characters, Bassett, the servant and Oscar Creswell, the uncle. Both of these characters were described as being flat. Hester, was described as being round, was incapable of loving others, but was obsessed with the love of money. Unfortunately, for Hester’s family, she was irresponsible when she got money and thirsted for more. Paul, her youngest son, only desires the unconditional love of his mother, and strives to earn her affection through materialistic means. Bassett, the family gardener, acts as Paul’s confidante in his venture for being lucky and winning money until Uncle Oscar steps in and uses Paul’s newfound luck for his own personal gain. (Lawrence, 1926) There are many characters introduced in “The Lottery”. Tessie Hutchinson, the not so lucky, winner of the raffle. In the beginning of the story Tessie comes

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