The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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What if you read something that made you question your entire life? How would you react? A suspenseful gothic thriller told in fewer than 4,000 words, filled with excitement and eeriness, leaving the reader speechless. The Lottery , a short story written by famous writer Shirley Jackson, created an uproar on June 26, 1948, when it was published in the magazine The New Yorker (Ball). The gothic thriller, set in an unknown time and place, shares the tradition of a small town, a little larger than three hundred people, in which a drawing is held once a year. In this “Lottery,” each family’s husband draws a slip of paper from a black box. The husband who selects the slip with a black spot on it, immediately becomes at risk of dying. He and his family then have a second drawing; the “winner” of this second drawing is to be murdered by the townspeople (“The Lottery Full”). Jackson composed this classic short story very easily. When asked about the writing process, she replied, “I had the idea fairly clearly in my mind when I put my daughter in her playpen and the frozen vegetables in the refrigerator and, writing the story, I found that it went quickly and easily, moving from beginning to end without pause” (“Shirley Jackson The”). The Lottery is a portrayal of the evil that existed in the world during the period that Shirley Jackson wrote this short story.
Despite Jackson’s many literary achievements, she lived a very laid-back and happy life. Shirley Hardie Jackson was born on
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