How Is The Lottery Different From Today's Society

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Throughout the work of Langston Hughes, and the documentary film, “The Lottery”, you find many similarities, and differences from today’s society and acceptance of black Americans. In today’s society these works and many others of the Harlem Renaissance era still hold true, but the most important is the African Americans reliance on God. In, “ I too”, by Langston Hughes wrote in 1922 is about a presumably young black man is stating that he too is an American and one day everyone will treat him as such. “I am the dark brother, they send me to eat in the kitchen but I laugh, and eat well and grow strong.” (Hughes, 1922). This work shows how even through diversity, enslavement, discrimination, and torture the black man one day will prevail, and has held onto the hope that his reliance on God will bring him and his people through that one say they will be treated as equal. “Besides they’ll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed- I too, am America.” (Hughes, 1922). This fight is still prevalent today because the “presumably” a black man is considered dangerous because of his neighborhood, upbringing, or because of the past told to them from long ago. When in all actuality that black man is just one that was raised in a rough neighborhood just trying to find a way to climb up the economic ladder so that he and his family will not have to same life he did. But though all of that black Americans still cling to God in hope that one day he will truly be seen as equal. “The
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