The Louisiana Purchase

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When the Louisiana Purchase was made by Thomas Jefferson in 1802, nobody in the United States knew anything about the territory. Everyone had to know more about the huge land grant that was just purchased by the U.S. People took the challenge and went out to see the great land. Famous explorers are known for their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Two famous explorers are known by many, Lewis and Clark. Although, there is one explorer that is less known but explored just as much area as Lewis and Clark. Zebulon Pike started his expedition of the Louisiana Purchase shortly after Lewis and Clark. Zebulon Montgomery Pike was born on July 5, 1779 in Lamberton, New Jersey. His father was Zebulon Montgomery Pike, who served in the Revolutionary Army, and his mother was Isabella Brown. Zebulon was the second of eight children. Since he was raised in a military family, he learned many military skills. Although he didn’t have much education, since he was out in Midwestern, Ohio and Illinois, posts he was able to pick up languages such as, French and Spanish. By 1794, Zebulon entered into his father’s army regiment as a cadet. He rose through the ranks, so five years later he was a second lieutenant. He was able to rise to first lieutenant later that year. In 1801, he married Clarissa Brown in Cincinnati. The two had children but one daughter grew through her infancy. Before Pike’s more well-known explorations, he was station out in the Midwest frontier. He job was to watch

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