The Louisiana Science Education Act Essay

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In the United States, evolution and creationism remain a controversial issue as far as which method should stay in science classes across the globe. How was the earth created? How were humans created? These are questions that arise in most science classes. Many students require an explanation of why people exist. There are those who would oppose evolution, and there are those who oppose creationism. Is there a significant difference between these methods? Several states have passed regulations that allow schools to teach both evolution and creationism. The Louisiana Science Education Act, in particular, is a highly controversial debate. The act allows teachers to teach adscititious materials in the classroom. Many opponents are looking to repeal this law. The Louisiana Science Education Act should not be repealed as it allows the student to engage in critical thinking skills, acknowledge both theories and ultimately decide which theory they believe.
Looking back at our history creationism was the first explanation of why humans exist today. Since the beginning of time Christianity has played a significant role in religion. Christianity started in Jerusalem and expanded into many different denominations across the world. Therefore, Christianity is a religion based off of Jesus Christ and God the creator of the earth. “Creationism stemmed from several religions and is the belief that a higher being or deity created everything living thing in nature through divine intervention
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