The Love For One 's Dog Essay

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Peyton Sawyer, age fifteen-months; Gladys Alexander, age 92; Sebastian Caban, age three days; Adonis Reddick, age 45; Hunter Bragg, age seven; Antoinette Brown, age 52; Susie Kirby, age three days; Michelle Wilcox, age thirty; Kayden Begay, three years old; Manuel Mejia, age 49; Derion Stevenson, age nine; Sonda Dyan Tyson, age 66;Piper Dunbar, age two; Tyler Trammell-Huston, age nine; Suzanne Story, age 36; these are just a handful of people who have died from pit bull attacks this year. They vary in age, however all met the same end of their lives. Pit bulls contributed to 82 percent of all dog bite fatalities in 2015. Between the years 2005 to 2015, pit bulls killed 232 Americans, adding up to one citizen every 17 days (Lynn 1). Approximately 37 to 47 percent of households own dogs (ASPCA 1). In many instances, the love for one’s dog is equivalent to that of a child, a number of which call their dog their baby. This position of being “man’s best friend” makes this topic exceedingly controversial and sensitive. Most dog owners take pride in their dog 's breed and often own that specific breed throughout their lives. One household breed, however, has caused great tragedy and loss. Hundreds of adults and children are seriously mauled, dismembered, or killed by pit bull dogs in America every year. Pit bulls are also responsible for a countless number of attacks on pets and livestock. Many pit bull advocates state the breed is unidentifiable; a DNA test is required to
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