The Love Of Juliet : A Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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In less than four days the complex love story and tragedy of Romeo and Juliet unfolds. Written in Shakespearean language, creating a three minute movie trailer is a challenging yet eye opening task. There are an array ideas present in Romeo and Juliet and there are even more ways in which each idea can be developed. Our trailer revolved around the character Juliet, but my group adapted her character in order to show a lack of love between Romeo and Juliet, and a lack of fate in their relationship. To tell Shakespeare’s tragedy in a way such that it revolved around Juliet, my group took the unique approach of making Juliet from a different world than Romeo. Instead of being Juliet she was a girl, Julia, from the twenty-first century who dreams that she becomes Juliet. By separating Julia/Juliet from the world of Romeo and Juliet, a dream-like atmosphere is created in the moments she finds herself within the world of Romeo and Juliet. Every decision made during the production of our trailer was chosen with the focus that: love and fatalism are practically non-existent because Juliet is a confused teenagers whose confusion translates to skepticism of her love for Romeo. My main job in the production of our trailer was editor, which included piecing together the video footage, adding music, and adding effects. Arguably, the most interesting aspect of editing is adding the effects because they visually convey the idea that Julia is in a dream and therefore love and fatalism are
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