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Ever since I was young, reading has allowed me to break away from reality and enter into my own world. It has filled my dull, rainy days with excitement and adventure. I can remember summer nights where I would stay up all night, struggling to fight off sleep, just to finish a good book. Once I was captivated by the book, there was no way I could put it down without finishing it. I have had multiple people and experiences in my life that pushed me closer and closer to reading. Because of these people, my love for reading has only grown over the years, and it has shaped me into the person I am today. Reading became a big part of my life at an early age. Every night before bed I would beg and plead my dad to read a bedtime story to me. I had a tall stack of books on my bed stand, but somehow we always ended up reading the same one. This children's story was a book my dad had bought me for a birthday or Christmas that he thought I would enjoy. The story itself was a spinoff on various fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk and Humpty Dumpty. The book alone was good, but we would keep coming back to that book because of the way my dad read it to me. He had a different voice for each character which I found thoroughly hilarious. Every time we read the book, there would be a new voice, and I'd be excited each night for bedtime so that I could hear how the story would change. When I got a little older, my dad bought me the whole collection of the Little House on the Prairie books. That level of reading was a little outside of my reach so my dad would read me a few chapters each night. I loved listening to these stories, and the books had small, but colorful pictures on every other page that grabbed my attention. By the time we read the first three or four books together, I was able to read the rest of them on my own. There were nine books in that series, and I read them all. My dad has influenced my love for reading in more ways than one. Not only would he be sure that he read me a story every night, but every year for my birthday and Christmas my dad bought me a book that he read when he was my age. For my 10th birthday, he bought me Old Yeller and explained how it was his favorite book when he was young, and how

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