The Love Of Sports Can Start At An Early Age

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The love of sports can start at an early age. Many parents start involving their child or children into sports during Elementary School. Involving a child into sports can help a child connect with other genders, the media, other races, the school system, and religion. A child can also face many challenges and gain several of strengths by participating in sports. Last but not least, there are some changes that should be made within sports. To begin with, I took the time out to interview a young male by the name of Mihkail Woods. He is in high school. He has played sports since he was 7 years old. Mihkail parents have involved him in a variety of sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. Also, he finds sports to play a major role within his life. As the interview started, I asked Mihkail "Do you see yourself being involved with sports in any kind of way for the rest of your life?", and his response was "Yes, I see myself as being a professional basketball player, and teaching my kids how to play sports in the future." As you can tell, Mihkail is heavily involved within sports, and wanting to pass his love and enjoyment of sports down from generation to generation. Next, I ask Mihkail "What are some connections you have through playing sports?" Moore 2 His response was "I have made many connections with other sex (Girls), the media (news), other races, religion belief, and the school system. He went into details about his connection through sports. He talked
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