The Love Of Tristan And The Odyssey

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Sierra Nolf Ed Gallagher Tales From France 9 August 2014 The Love of Tristan and Iseat Everyone has felt this emotion at one point in his or her life. It is love. This emotion comes in different degrees of affection, ranging from simply loving a pet to loving a husband or wife. Most commonly novels and epics tell tales of the most powerful types of love. In stories such as Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra, Adam and Eve, and the Odyssey, tales of great eternal love are told. One of the greatest love stories that go unheard of is the romance of Tristan and Iseat. The tale endures hidden love, separation, and like most romances, death. The romance of Tristan and Iseat tells a tale of everlasting love. The lovers struggle through keeping the secret of their hidden love. Tristan and Iseat have undying and infinite devotion for lovers, which cause them to risk their lives and social status. Although the tale portrays the lovers to have this ideal courtly love, one must question whether this love is true or forced due to the magical potion. The debate begins when the lovers first drink the potion, causing a false idea of love in Tristan and Iseat’s minds. However, as the legend continues the lovers persevere. Even though Iseat marries Tristan’s uncle, the two star-crossed lovers hide their consummated love. Once the lovers drank the potion, their lives and other’s lives dear to them were completely changed. As they sail back to Cornwall, they are “unhappy as they languish apart,
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