The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock

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The lives of many people are often dictated by their mindset, the fixed disposition or emotional outlook of their current situation. Sitting at the bright end of the spectrum, there are optimist who see the best in everything; thus creating a positive outlook and the mindset to accomplish any goal. However, most people succumbed to a pessimistic point of view. It results in a fear of the unknown, and a sense of meaningless throughout their daily lives. Simple actions such as communication become frustrating tasks, causing many to avoid the situation to protect their emotional well being. This mindset can be seen in T.S. Eliot’s work The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The main character, Prufrock, plans to ask the woman he loves the…show more content…
Eliot’s conservative nature caused him to dislike the cheerfulness and optimism of the nineteenth century, and preferred damnation rather than the ugly sight of modern civilization. The Eliot and Prufrock dédoublement can be seen in the depiction of the setting. The streets are described as half deserted, containing cheap hotels and sawdust restaurants, with yellow smoke engulfing the entire city. The negative depictions of the setting show Eliot’s dislike of rising urbanism and Prufrock’s pessimistic views. Eliot uses this style of writing to explore and freely express his own mind. In Tradition and the Individual Talent, Eliot states that “private emotions might be intense or painful enough to make it seem necessary to escape from them,” where ‘escape from’ is interpreted as ‘express.’ (Smidt 91) Eliot had a strong desire to reveal his subconscious and private emotions, but “the full understanding was not meant for the general reader.” Through this creative technique Eliot is able to introduce a character, whose attributes are not as immediately recognizable as the poet, and utilizes this character as a mask or disguise to express some private emotion. In addition, Elisabeth Cardonne-Arlyck’s Mind Your Tongue: Autobiography and New French Lyric, the author creates the perspective to use the character Prufrock as a mobile mask that transforms into existential reality. By connecting Eliot’s

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