The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

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Visualize a world where a significant person in your life died from one’s gruesome desire, where that special someone suffered and became a victim of a cruel, mysterious murder. Was the murder itself quick or was it revolting and brutal? Susie Salmon was a victim of a crime that should not be forgiven. In the novel The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, Susie’s past on earth affected people that took part in her life because the past was all that they had of her. Memories of or with Susie were treasured; however, they were also feared by the one who killed Susie’s future. Out of everybody presented in the novel, Susie’s family thought about the past shared with Susie the most by showing depressed feelings and actions towards Susie’s…show more content…
At most you feel them as a whisper or the wave of a whisper undulating down… If I’m to be honest with you, I still sneak sway to watch my family sometimes. I can’t help it, and sometimes they still think of me. They can’t help it. (323) Susie missing her family is on going and she knows that her loved ones can’t help but miss her, too. Susie tells the readers that heaven is beautiful and you will be forever safe. She enjoys heaven and gets to see how her family is living, too. Of course she will one day be reunited with her loved ones and by happy. (Like when she reunited with Holiday and her grandpa.) Susie and her loved ones did move on, and there will always be a time when they talk or think about each other. People who feel sadness in one’s death are highlighted in this novel, but there are some people who fear of the memories. The one who fears of Susie’s past is the one who killed her: George Harvey. He knows that what he does/did is wrong, yet he does it again and again. Mr. Harvey can be known as the son of a murderer. He was sitting next to his mother in a truck and his mom ran over men who were drunk and were being threatening to them. He also became a murderer and killed many girls, including Susie. Mr. Harvey was particularly attached Susie’s murder. He was threatened by the police and told them a well thought out excuse, which gave him time to escape. He was also felt threatened whenever he had the dream of Lindsey’s soccer jersey
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