The Lover Pinter 's Role Playing As An Inquiry Into Our Rigid And Firm Definitions Of Reality

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In The Lover Pinter presents role-playing as an inquiry into our rigid and firm definitions of reality. Pinter ponders , "I suggest there can be no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal , nor between what is true and what is false" (" Writing For the Theatre" , 11). One believes that through meta-drama, Pinter 's message is able to reach phenomenologically the audiences, who physically (through living the play) experience the loss of absolutes and question the fixed definitions of their realities in the world. Pinter uses meta-drama and theatricality as forms that expose the artifice of the theatre in order to reveal the artifice of social conventions and role-playing. Alfred Farag (1929-2005) also explores meta-dramatic functions in some of his plays. Critics usually place Alfred Farag among the generation of the seventies, who were shaped by ideas of social reform of the sixties, and yet were disappointed by the failure of the ideal Nationalist dream. This generation is considered to be mainly concerned with ideas of social injustice and class inequality. Farag writes at a time when Egyptian theatre is facing a crisis. The invasion of a theatrical genre called "commercial theatre," which is based on dancing and entertainment, to Egyptian stages was a problem facing many serious and committed Egyptian playwrights. The challenge that faces most contemporary playwrights is to produce a theatre which pertains to…
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