The Lovers, Thinkers, And Problem Solvers Of The World

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Humans: The Lovers, Thinkers, and Problem Solvers of the World Throughout the history of mankind we have constantly asked ourselves what our purpose is and if that purpose has meaning. Philosophers and religious leaders alike have answered these questions and many other essential questions that cross through our minds at one point or another. However, we as individuals must consider the answers proposed by others, and use their ideas as a foundation for the building of our own. By using the ideas that Dante, Soyinka, Shelly, and Borges propose in their literature I was able to build a foundation for my own answer to the question of what our purpose is and if there is any meaning to our lives. I feel that our purpose is too…show more content…
While the birth of his son was not conventional either, after his son is released onto the world “the purpose of his life had been fulfilled” (Borges, page 6). After the Wizard has created his son his purpose has been fulfilled. The wizard, like the Creature, like the entire species of man, all have one purpose in life which is to ensure the continuation of their species. In a world where every species has the same purpose, what makes our lives meaningful? I find the answer to be faith and religion. Faith and religion helps us make morally correct choices. When we have faith and follow a religion we try to have morals and learn things that help us make morally correct choices. We learn the difference between right and wrong, develop a conscience, and develop tolerance and respect for the people around us. An example of how a lack of religion and faith leads to people making morally wrong choices and not being tolerant or respectful for the people around them, can be seen in Death and the King’s Horseman. In this play, the Pilkings have no religion and have faith in nothing. Because of this they are intolerant of the local’s religion. Their disrespect shows when Amusa, a local who has converted to Christianity, refuses to talk to them until they remove the religious clothing which they are disrespecting: “Mista Pirinkin…take it off… is not god” (Soyinka, Act I, scene

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