The Lowdown On Longhand By Alnissa Ramirez

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In the article, "The Lowdown on Longhand" Alnissa Ramirez tries to explain how taking notes by hand are more efficient than use of technology for note taking. Ramirez says that how notes taken with laptop lack synthesis and understanding of information and how handwriting overcome the problem which enables students to have a deeper connection with information which empowers better learning. Furthermore, she confronts that STEM classes will be more efficient if every student carries a notebook for themselves in which they write down information and draw things related to topics of their choosing which will create more connections to information, and developing excellent cognitive skills along the way teaching more efficient. Continuing the articles,…show more content…
I have never believed how note-taking habit can affect our learning system. I used to consider this writing system as consuming process and importable, but I never knew how handwritten notes would retain in our brain for a longer time and enhance our learning. Early into the section, Ramirez has explained about her Catholic teacher who was extremely strict about her handwriting. She also mentioned that she used to detest her, but now she has realized how her writing habit has become for strength to brain development and learning process (Ramirez). With her early life experience, she wants to convey a fact about how research Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles have shown that longhand writing benefits the brain (Doubek). Being a technology lover, I used to think that note taking in a laptop has very few or no cons, but when Ramirez described an opportunity for distractions and multitasking which results in less focus on note-taking. I recall myself how I have decreased concentration while writing notes in class. Further research have also mentioned that students who write their notes on paper have better conceptual answering ability than those who use a laptop which explains that though the information was there on the computer but lacks…show more content…
This method will encourage students to use longhand notes more than notes taken on the laptop. Instead of using laptop which tends to hinder our better learning process, her strategy would use hand written notes which would have better experience of learning. Many people nowadays criticize that modern teaching system is less of learning based but more of the cramming and superficial knowledge. But this concept of Ramirez will connect the students with the information encouraging them to learn in the better way which is the real purpose of
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