The Lowland By Jhumpa Lahiri

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ISU ESSAY Damon Liu The Lowland written by Jhumpa Lahiri, deals with character’s lives, that are intertwined over the distance between the United States and India. The book follows Subhash, the main protagonist of the story, as he adapts to the constant changes that come with settling far from his birthplace. The novel not only connects the colourful cast of characters, but the reader as well. Lahiri achieves this by creating a set of diverse characters with varying personalities, presenting concepts, themes and motifs, and establishing a strong sense of atmosphere. In doing so, The Lowland is a good book for high school students to study Within this novel, the reader is introduced a wide spectrum of characters, each with various personalities and emotions. The writing style itself jumps from multiple character’s perspectives, expanding on what a typical third person narrative could achieve. This allows for more in depth thoughts of all the characters, while still retaining the ability to move between multiple characters that the third person style of narrative grants. Each individual in the story is distinctive with one another. Take Subhash, a quiet and cautious character, or Udayan, whose personality is that of confidence and tenacity. Or Gauri, who craves independence, even if the actions taken for said independance are rash and imprudent. All of the personalities found within this novel, however different they may be, are intertwined and affect each other. For
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