The Lunch Date Prejudice

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1. a. Being prejudice is having the thoughts or idea that a type of person, different from your own, acts a certain way. Prejudice actions are shown in the short film The Lunch Date when a woman misses her train and enters the main area of the train station, when a black man passes her playing her harmonica and seems to be rowdy.She is shown giving her a dirty uncomfortable look as if thinking “why is he even in here”. Other actions that show prejudice behavior is when she is in the cafe area and is encountered with a another black male and she believes that she has taken her salad. The man again is depicted as being loud and obnoxious and having a stole hat with the tag still on it. b. Discrimination is performing actions that do not allow other people different from either your region, religion, or gender to have the same rights as you do. This is shown in the beginning of The Lunch Date when the woman bumps into a black man and a bunch of her belongings fall. He goes to help her but she responds with scolding him and telling…show more content…
During this study group think is shown. Group think being where you agree with everyone else's ideas and answers to not be an outcast even though you do not agree. The experiment shows this since the guards followed and acted with the majority of the group. Cognitive Dissonance being when your actions and thoughts are not the same or go in the same direction, is shown with all of the guards. They all went in not knowing what they were going to be performing so acting it wasn't probably something that they had ever done. They thought differently from their actions. Lastly this experiment showed examples of deindividuation. This is when you lose your sense of self, usually begin hidden. Since no one knew who the guards were, it was very easy for them to act out and not face direct
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