The Lunch Problem

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In the short story “Mary and the Lunch Problem” it tells you about a lady named Mary who had two small kids and a person everyone liked at her job. Every day during lunch she would choose to the late lunch and she would also eat alone. Nobody that worked there understood why she would eat alone because she had friends to go to lunch with. One day a lady named Ann who work there asked why she never went to lunch with everyone else. Mary confided to Ann that saying that she would take her lunch and hide it under her desk so she could feed her children when she gets home. Ann eventually goes behind her back and tells their senior operating officer Dave. And eventually she ends up leaving the company because she found out that someone told Dave…show more content…
No, because the main problem main this scenario is Mary’s confidential information was spread around against her will. I think the management could have done a better job in handling the situation. There was also no other human relation problems in the scenario. The security guard also played role in this story because as Mary was approaching her car with a paper bag the guard questioned her about it. Which leads to this question, Do I think the guard had a right to ask to inspect the bag? No, because those are her personal items and he should not have asked to look inside. This is not his first time seeing her and she never made a threat so he should have left her alone. The last question is as the entrepreneur, in charge of all that could happen in this case study, what could I have done differently is this were my company? I would have given Mary a raise instead of the food because it would make her financially stable to feed herself and her children. This would have cut out other people knowing about Mary’s problem. And this would give her the confidence to eat with her coworkers again. And this way Mary would have never left the company and she would never worry about feeding her kids
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