The Lungs: A Fictional Narrative

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“I know and you're going to be ok.” I said even though I knew he wasn't going to be ok. We all knew he was going to die in a matter of a few minutes. And during those last few minutes we had with him we prayed to the lord that he would take care of the officer and watch over us during the rest of our journey ahead. I couldn't stand there looking at his dead body so we covered it with a blanket we found in a car. Next we heard more gunshots and they wouldn't stop. There were tons of cars around us getting hit with bullets and the bullets kept bouncing off. “Duuucck, get to the ground,” I screamed through the top of my lungs. I am pretty sure that the queen of England could here me. More and more bullets kept coming. I pulled Jacob towards me…show more content…
We got in in the car and just drove on the grass around all the cars because it literally looked like the wave pool at splash kingdom but with a bigger area and cars as the people. We counted down the days that went by trying to find the man on Zachary's car door because he didn't care that much. We used little lines to count each day and a group of 5 represented 5 days. We were at 49 days, 9 groups of 5 and 4 single lines, and still hadn't found any clues to lead us to where we needed to go to find the man. I was tired of almost dying and just wanted the world to end already. Somedays I got so bored I even started to write poetry because when I wrote poetry it took my mind off of things in the real world. Poetry was the only thing I really payed attention to in school. My poems were never that good but I enjoyed making them anyways. Jacob and Zachary would also sometimes help me create them while Laura just stood back and slept not wanting to be bothered. She was really annoying sometimes because she would snore and even wake up and randomly just yell the word “Tejas” which now in days known as Texas. It is a little weird for her to be saying that. “Maybe she is really from texas.” I thought to myself, and later told Zachary. “If she is then maybe we can take a road trip there and stay with one of her family members down
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