The Lusitania

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“sick man of Europe”: The “sick man of Europe” is a label that is given to a European country. It was given to them when they were experiencing a time of economic difficulty. In the mid-19th century is when the term was used for the first time and it described the Ottoman Empire. It has been applied to nearly every major country in Europe.

Lusitania: The Lusitania is a ship that was started to be made on June 9, 1904. It was a British ocean line, a holder of the Blue Riband, and was briefly the world’s largest passenger ship. The ship was launched by Cunard Line in 1906 which was during the time of fierce competition for North Atlantic trade. The Lusitania was built in Clydebank, United Kingdom, and sank on May 7, 1915 in the first World
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Woodrow Wilson, the United States President at the time, introduced the League of Nations. The Congress did not allow the United States to join. The League of Nations consisted of international organizations that were independent countries. These countries agreed to conserve peace, support cooperation, and to consult each other in the case of war. This was set to hopefully prevent another world war from starting another world war. Although this was set, no one was for the agreements made in the League of…show more content…
It affected the lives of the Jews the most in a bad way. The Germans, under command of Adolf Hitler, were the perpetrators that caused all of the problems. It was a persecution and murder of six million Jews. Nazi was the name of the Germans that murdered all of the Jews. The Nazis thought that they were higher power and the Jews were lower. The Germans thought that the Jews were upset so they came up with a solution. In result to this thinking, the Germans killed the Jews as the solution. This all took place from January 30, 1933, and ended May 8,
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