The Lust Generation : The Lack Of The Dumbest Generation

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When one thinks of “the dumbest generation”, who do they think of? Do they think of the older generation with their lack of technological advances? Do they think of the younger generation with all types of technology glued to them wherever they go? Research agrees that, with their lack of general knowledge and reading habits, those under the age of 30 are “the dumbest generation”. One reason why those under the age of 30 are “the dumbest generation” is that they lack general knowledge. For instance, in a book written by Mark Bauerlein, he found a survey by Pew that states, “56% of 18- to 29-year-olds possessed low knowledge levels, while only 22 percent of 50- to 60-year-olds did” (Source 1). In this case, the lack of general knowledge was measured through a survey taken by Pew, a research company based in Washington D.C. Furthermore, this piece of evidence reveals the truth about the younger generation: they lack knowledge. They have all the answers at their fingertips with: yahoo, google, etc. With this, they gain information briskly and effortlessly, but the information is not retained. Additionally, Sharon Begley, a science columnist, says that Generation Y cares more about “knowing where to find information” (Source 2), than actually knowing the information. This adds on to the idea that the younger generation lacks general knowledge. They are more concerned about what the quickest way to attain the information rather than taking time to retain the information they

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