The Lutheranism Movements And Early North American Evangelical Movements Essay

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Introduction The two key movements that I chose are the Lutheranism movements and Early North American evangelical movements. The main reason I chose these two movements is because I wanted to see the connection from the mid-beginning of the protestant reformation movement and where it started and came from. During this course, it seems like we always find our way back to the original protestant period I wanted to dig a lot deeper. When comes to the North American evangelical movement what sparked my interest is learning about look is how the National Association of Evangelicals looked to maintain historical doctrines. Both periods hold as the foundation of Christian education. By bridging the gap between with past and present we need to see how they similar and different. History of Lutheranism Lutheranism is one of the largest protestant reformations denominations in the world. Martin Luther was the founder of Lutheranism how was a German Monk and teacher who protest the Roman Catholic Church. Per Religious facts .com: “The Lutheran denomination is the oldest Protestant denomination. It was founded (not deliberately at first) by Martin Luther, a German monk and professor who famously posted 95 Theses against the practice of indulgences in 1517. Luther saw contradictions between the Bible and current church practice as well as corruption and abuses within the (Catholic) church, and initially hoped for reform, not schism. When that proved impossible, he continued to spread
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