The Luxor Temple Is Located In The Ancient Capital Of Egypt

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The Luxor Temple is located in the ancient capital of Egypt the city of Thebes on the east bank of the Nile River. The ancient city Thebes is located in the Upper end of Egypt. The temple Luxor is also a mile away from another temple the Karnak Temple. The temple is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian gods Amun: the god of the air, Mut: the mother goddess of Thebes and Khonsu: the god of the moon and time. Scholars believe that the pharaohs first started constructing the temple before the New Kingdom Period when Amenhotep III was in reign. The Luxor Temple is made of sandstone blocks and mud-brick walls surrounding the temple. The first modern European archaeologist to identify Thebes and document their exploration of Luxor was Claude…show more content…
A solution to this is to have off site parking places and electric trains taking people to the sites. This damage has been addressed by a number of professors and institutes however efforts appear to lack co-ordination with some temples getting more attention than others. Another problem that tourists can is defacements. In 2013 a Chinese 15 year old high school student engraved “Ding Jintao was here” in Chinese onto a sculpture. The teen later apologized to social media about the engraving out of embarrassment from the negativity he received from online. Another issues that could possibly cause damage to the temple is terrorism. The threat of terrorism is quite real because they’ve been a few attacks in the city by Islamic extremist an example would be on June 10th 2015 when a failed suicide bombing attacked happened in the city of Luxor. The attack happened when three men refused to go through a security screen, the police opened fire on the terrorist when they pulled out their weapons. Two of the men were shot and killed, one by a suicide bomb that went off after he had been shot. The third was taken into police custody. The failed Luxor city bombing happened shortly after an incident near the Pyramids where two tourist and a few police officers killed by gunmen on motorcycles. The Islamic terrorist have been known to
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