The Luxurious Aunt Flow Cult And The Oppression Of Women

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Only more than half of the world’s population are female, and they do not do anything, except, of course, sit around and cook for their husbands. Also, there is one more hobby they do since they have all the time in the world and nothing better to do, they decide it would be fun to start bleeding from their female parts. Every girl from ages 9 and up decide that they must join the Luxurious Aunt Flow Cult and start bleeding. They believe doing so would make their lives so much easier, and they will never feel uncomfortable. Women do not just get their period to feel comfortable, but also to make their male partners so uncomfortable that they would buy them anything or leave them alone when the guy is being so annoying. If women choose to be …show more content…

They would most likely inform you that periods are the worst, that it is a curse that only females have to endure, and spend so much of their money just to feel more comfortable in the uncomfortable time; having to worry if their pants are ruined, all those emotions that might frighten people, and their pain throughout that week. Of course, since they are greedy they would want their expenses to decrease, they would declare that it is immoral to charge women because they were born female. In addition, these women would say that if the government want money, why not tax men as well, because they love being so equal. Also, those who cannot afford these luxury items because the money they get are spent on items such as food would say they must get it for free, but where is all the money that they create from their luxurious red …show more content…

Therefore, if they create a new society only women create their own taxes, create their own jobs, giveaway female product for free. Once in awhile, they would go visit the men land and procreate so that humans do not extinct. Once the girl gets pregnant and has the baby they must sent the baby away if it is a boy and kept it if it is a girl. Then, in this new world no females would be homeless and if they want to join the cult, they can if not, then she is not allowed in the new society and does not receive the benefits all women in this cult get. Some of the additional benefits are: free chocolate, extra food, acne medication, free pills for cramps, new underwear, pants, bedsheets, and heatwraps. The new society, would benefit all women in this cult and will surpass the male society and later on rule the

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