The Lynching Of Young Blacks

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Famous Photograph Task ‘A picture says a thousand words’ this analogy often refers to photographs with immense amount of detail and meaning that it doesn’t need words or any description to exemplify its context. A photograph in particular engages an indicative role into promoting an issue that’s typical of the time. A photograph that highlights copious meaning is evident in Lawrence Beitler’s ‘Lynching of young blacks’. A role of a photograph is to provoke emotions and empathise within the subject of the picture. To do so, famous photographs often accommodate numerous conventions including the historical context, symbolic codes and technical codes. These codes and conventions operate simultaneously to epitomise the significance behind a photograph. ‘The Lynching of young blacks’ was taken by a photographer Lawrence Beitler, a studio photographer situated in Marion, Indianapolis. At the time of the photograph, Beitler was 44 years old; he made his living by taking photographs that consisted of weddings, babies, school and church groups, and public events. Being a professional photographer that makes a living out of public events, he was to capture one of the most famous lynching photographs in American history. The photograph of two men of what seem from an African-American background is seen hanging from a tree. Typical of the time, African-American was enslaved, stripped away from their basic human rights; women are raped and treated like a subhuman, they are physically

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