The Lynsey Addario Photo 's Maternal Mortality

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The Lynsey Addario photo chosen from her photo story Maternal Mortality, depicts women in Sierra Leone holding two newly born twins. The newborns, usually considered joys and miracles, are surrounded by sad, morning, void, grieving and angry expressions. While the scene is filled with vibrant colors, it is hardly filled with the joy a western audience would expect. Maternal Mortality tells the story of Mama Seesay her family and friends, as well as all childbearing women in Sierra Leone and sub-Saharan Africa: In Sierra Leone, a country with one of the highest rates of Maternal Mortality, Mamma Seesay is fighting just to give birth. Mamma, 18 delivered one of the twins she was carrying in a remote village outside of Freetown, the capital…show more content…
This woman’s expression is much different than the woman in the center of the image. The woman in blue looks stuck in thought, worry and grief. She is holding a burden. Her expression is so void of emotion that you can feel the suffering that lies behind her eyes and are within her thoughts. Her gaze is aimed up toward the viewer but do not appear to be making contact with the camera. She appears to look through the viewer or past them, but not into them. She is fascinating, she holds one of the babies, but with no affection. All the other woman in the photograph add to the grief, anger and sorrowfulness felt in the image. Their gorgeous and colorful dress drowned out by the apparent distress of the expressions on their sun lite faces. The use of color in Addario’s image is striking, the color in the women’s dress is colorful. Many of the women are adorning colorful headscarves in addition to their vibrant colored dresses. The use of lighting and color truly make the photograph eye-catching but does not take away to the suffering seen through the expressions and body language of the women. In the photograph, the women are standing underneath what appears to be a covered walkway. Light pours onto the women from both the right and left side of the photograph and successfully lights up the expressions of each and every woman. This is why the colors do not tone down the
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