Essay on The MBA Decision

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The MBA Decision Ben Gates graduated from college six years ago with a finance undergraduate degree. Since Graduation, he has been employed in the finance department at East Coast Yachts. Although he is satisfied with his current job, his goal I to become an investment banker. He feels that an MBA degree would allow him to achieve this goal. After examining schools, he has narrowed his choice to either Wilton University or Mount Perry College. Although internships are encouraged by both schools, to get class credit for the internship, no salary can be paid. Other than internships, neither school allow its students to work while enrolled in its MBA program. Ben’s annual salary at East Coast Yachts is $53,000 per year, and his salary is…show more content…
What other, perhaps non-quantifiable factors, affect Ben’s decision to get an MBA? Factors that may affect Ben’s decision may include,  Personal/family plans – what are his family plans for the next year(s)? Is Ben planning to get married or start a family? A busy family life can make it difficult to pursue a graduate degree due to the time demands. Having a reduced income during that time may not be an option when supporting a family.  Location – Is Ben willing to move to a different location? Ben may have
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