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The MOVE Organization surfaced in Philadelphia in the early 1970’s. The MOVE movement was one of “back-to-nature,” which was poorly understood by their urban neighbors and the local government and possibly by the organization itself (McCoy). John Africa, who is said to have been illiterate, founded MOVE. It was a loosely organized and sparsely populated organization. I argue that the failure of MOVE to “bow to the man” and the lack of police and government self-control, led to the abuse of power and police brutality that culminated on May 13, 1985 of which the magnitude Black’s theories fail to predict. Black’s theories on law, specifically “Socio Economic Status” and “Organization” and its bearing on the application of law, will be used…show more content…
The neighborhood was a middle class African American Neighborhood. They began to terrorize the residents in Cobb’s Creek, this time they included a constant protest of the “MOVE 9” imprisoned for the murder in 1978 (McCoy). They are using loudspeakers to demand for the release of their members. McCoy asserts in his article Unsettled Legacy of MOVE, that neighbors told him they were “political prisoners” and that MOVE wanted the neighbors to complain to force a negotiated release of the MOVE 9. The city did not respond the way that MOVE had expected (McCoy). Swiftly, and obviously with a lack of solid planning and forethought the city confronted the Osage Compound. Again, attempted to gain access to a MOVE Compound, this attempt was initiated by the use of arrest warrants for four MOVE members. The city used water cannons and hundreds of officers, including sharp shooters and the “Stake-Out Squad” (“”). On the morning of May 13, police and MOVE exchanged gunshots for 90 minutes (McCoy). Police fired over 10,000 bullets (Africa). City of Philadelphia Mayor, Wilson Goode said, "We intend to evict them from the house. We intend to evacuate them from the house. We intend to seize control of the house” (NBC 10, 1985). The standoff went on until the late afternoon, when police decided to use a State Police helicopter to drop “a satchel filled with four pounds of the military explosive C-4 and the commercial

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