The Macabre Cycle Of War

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From long ago, many people have dreamed of the concept of machines fighting for and against man in battles of awesomeness and gore in the macabre cycle of war. Honor and brilliance would be awarded for the excellence of these things, or disdain, rage, and fear could shine a light over them. The use of drones of the United States for the military is controversial, as some say that it makes circumstances safer for civilians and soldiers alike, while ridding countries in agreeance of networks of terrorists and threatening militants such al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban. Others will state that drones are detrimental to the well-being of the general public and causes more terrorists to rise from the dust (Drones). Albeit there are conflicting…show more content…
3,500 militants and have been killed in the countries of Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia, which means that there are less members of the organizations that will go on to carry out acts of assault and terror. And, President Barack Obama has stated that “dozens of highly skilled al Qaeda commanders, trainers, bomb makers, and operatives have been taken off the battlefield.” Because these vital militants are now gone, targets such as cities of Europe or U.S. systems of transportation will not be attacked at this time because plans for doing are disrupted. Also protected because of this are international airlines and U.S. troops in Afghanistan. People are safer and can avoid having to despair, suffer, or have unnerving deaths because of the stop to what could have resulted in massacres. On the first of November, 2013, the Pakistani Taliban commander Hakimullah Mehsud died in a drone strike (Drones). He was the prime adversary of Pakistan, since 2010, and had targeted and killed hundreds of soldiers—and civilians, many faultless— in “North-West Frontier province, Punjab and Islamabad” (Walsh). By the time the drone strikes prevented him from wreaking any further havoc, 45,000 lives were already perished; had it been any later, he and his violence would have killed many more (Craig). Mehsud was a militant who could have done much more damage than he already had, and is a threat to Pakistan and the United States. So, because of his death, many lives were spared. Eradicating threats of the world with drone strikes—with these mechanical soldiers— in this way, is a form of defense for
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