The Machine Man By Max Barry

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Capitalizing on Biology
Machine Man by Max Barry demonstrates the perils of society’s compulsion to change the world with technological advancement despite the consequences and the disconnection it creates. Technology and biology are interconnected in today’s society. The world is obsessed and dependent on machines and devices to make one’s life more efficient and manageable. The science fiction genre often predicts what may happen in a world where technology is abused or becomes too formidable. Machine Man explores this world of technological evolution through Charles Neumann and the characters he interacts with through his employment at Better Future. Charles is unlikable, unsociable, and unsatisfied. The only true connection he feels to the outside world is through technology. The relationships involving Lola Shanks and the employees and managers at Better Future evolve as Neumann enhances his anatomy. His biology has failed him in life. His revisions have created a new one. Biology is replaced with adaptation.
Lola Shanks is the catalyst that inspires Charles Neumann’s transformation. He loses his first leg due to his dependence on technology. His search for his almighty cell phone leaves him with one leg and a meeting with a prosthetist. Charles should recognize that a cell phone is not as important as a leg. Neumann does not see it this way. Lola shows him the different sorts of prosthetic legs available. He immediately starts thinking how he can improve the

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