The Machine Stops By. Forster

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Even the ability to be able to have an instantaneous face-to-face conversation from people across the world, “But it was fully fifteen seconds… A faint blue light shot across it, darkening to purple, and presently she could see the image of her son, who lived on the other side of the earth, and he could see her,” written by E.M. Forster, a novelist, short story writer, and essayist, “The Machine Stops” published in the Oxford and Cambridge Review on 1909. Similar to FaceTime or video chat, Snapchat has the ability to video chat through its app slowly taking over all other apps and giving people many options to communicate with anyone around the world. This encourages people to be entertained on one app in their virtual world and could discourage people from going out into the real world, because they focusing on their image on their Snapchat. People can argue that Snapchat is not leading people away from the real world, but drawing people closer through the virtual world that will lead into a deeper connection among people. Taking in consideration the features on Snapchat it can be argued that, “In its focus on short videos and images, Snapchat is also similar to other tools that support face-to-face photo sharing … and enable lightweight photo sharing to increase social presence … argues that sharing photos ‘operates at the level of emotional perception and increases our capacity for emotion and to feel together,’ with another person,” published in Information,
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