The Machines Are Coming By Zeynep Tufekci

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Americans have believed since the 20th century that machines are going to take their jobs in the future. In “The Machines Are Coming”, by Zeynep Tufekci, published in The New York Times on April 18, 2015, the author shares her thoughts about robots in our society and their relationship with our life. She emphasizes that as technology develops, robots are taking humans’ position in the workplace and causing problems with the value of human labor in society. Tufekci mentions the fact that the machines are getting smarter as time goes by, and they are going to replace our jobs. The intended purpose of machines is assisting humans and making workplaces more efficient. Today, robots are very intelligent, and as the author mentions in the…show more content…
The author claims that employers view humans as inefficient. Before machines were being used in the workplace, humans had the most power. However, today machines have a more important role than humans do at many workplaces. In the article, the author claims, “Machines aren’t used because they perform some tasks that much better than humans, but because, in many cases, they do a ‘good enough’ job while also being cheaper, more predictable and easier to control than quirky, pesky human” (2). Thus, it can be understood that humans are in some cases not as helpful in workplaces as machines are and their very humanity can be viewed as inefficient. Humans have another problem, which is that if women get pregnant, they tend to have some problems in their workplaces, and machines are going to replace their position quickly. This kind of situation ruins humans’ value. Unlike machines, humans have emotions, so people “get sick, ask for higher wages, have a bad day, aging parent, a sick child or a cold” (2). Emotions are essential to humans, but sometimes interrupt humans from working. Tufekci investigated a call center from the Philippines. He was trying to solve a minor problem and that required code from the supervisor. Even though he used that code it didn’t solve the problem, so his supervisor made him lose his job. Technology allowed the job to be perfect

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