The Mackinaw Trail Winery Is A Small Winery

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We have five classmates in our group and we went to visit the mackinaw trail winery together. The mackinaw trail winery is a small winery but have complete wine system. The overall aim of this visit was to explore how the wines and vines made in the state of Michigan. We took great interest to visit this winery because the wineries established in the twenty-first century and is also one of the fastest growing wineries in Michigan. Mackinaw Trail Winery is a family owned business that was founded in 2004. This winery Owned and operated by proprietors Ralph and Laurie Stabile. When we get there we saw many graph shelf near the building. After some formal greetings and introduction, Mr. Ralph Stabile and Laurie Stabile talk about the history of the winery. We know that Mr. Ralph have a dream to making wine so he started the conceive in 2004. At his young age, he often pressed grape with his grandfather who was a Sicilian immigrant. Ralph operated the winery until 2010 when his son Mr. Stabile took over. Dustin build a art facility in Petoskey because the winery need to redesign. The new site enabled the winery to continue growing while ensuring the production of quality products. The new winery place on 30 acres hill which is planted with 15 acres of grapes. Mackinaw Trail Winery gained some of the rewards and achievements in participating on the community development programs. The winery is become more and more Maturity and it will still growing stronger in the next decade.…

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