The Macro And Micro And Macro Factors Influence Marketing Decision Process Of Tesco

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Tesco carries out an environmental scanning process frequently to figure out all those business concerns and address them in order to remain competitive, and market force. Tesco has carried out an environmental scanning process for the business plan without doing such delineated process of scanning the environment, they would not be here today not being a multinational store. 1.1. Show the macro and micro and macro factors influence marketing decision process of Tesco. Macro environments (PESTEL) are important factors that business organisations analyse the influence on their business decision. Political factors are beyond business ability to control, but the organisation need to anticipate changes and identify action it needs to take to mitigate the effect of those changes. For example, England bank decision to scrutinise business decision affects business organisation.  Environmental factor relates social, political and legal aspect that affects Tesco. For example, food packages and bags that affect the environment so Tesco has taken serious and change all its bags into recyclable to minimise environmental effect.  Social factors relate to the values and customers and belief of the society. This includes demographic which is important for the business and provides useful information in targeting population composition as it provides different markets  Technological development affects business in a wide range. Therefore, Tesco has to

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