The Macrobiotic Diet Essay

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Every year, the number of Americans going on a diet increases. Surveys performed by the federal government demonstrate how prevalent the desire for weight loss is in American society. One federal survey’s findings showed that 44 percent of women and 29 percent of men in America were trying to lose weight on a daily basis (The Science of Slimming ( Cover Story)). Recent figures revealed that 31 percent of Americans fall under the category of being obese, and 64 percent of Americans are overweight (The Science of Slimming ( Cover Story)). This is a problem because factors such as obesity and being overweight are precursors to chronic and often terminal conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer. While the number of Americans on diets…show more content…
Yin energy is defined as feminine energy, negative, dark, passive, and cold; its opposite yang is defined as male energy, sun, light (Ken). The foods allowed in the macrobiotic diet are selected with an objective, to balance the amount of yin and yang foods you eat. The typical American diet consists of an abundance of meat and carbohydrates, such as breads and pasta posing many health risk and opportunities for disease. The macrobiotic diet, prohibiting the consumption of meats has been proved to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. (Macrobiotic diets can be healthful, but not a cancer cure. (Ask EN))Furthermore, the diet limits the intake of foods high in calories and sugars, reducing the risk of diabetes (Macrobiotic diets can be healthful, but not a cancer cure. (Ask EN)). Proponents of the macrobiotic diet view the problem of obesity in America as a consequence of our societies’ eating and living lifestyles minimally based on natural substances (Ashton). By applying the concepts of the macrobiotic diet the supporters believe that as a society we can regain a grasp on our health and cure terminal illnesses such as cancer. One of the ways that the macrobiotic diet proposes getting you to reach an overall balance is by having you eat the foods in season that are in your own environment (Ashton). The macrobiotic diet also stresses eating organic foods whenever the

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