The Madness Of Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Out of Body, Out of Mind: The Madness of Shakespeare 's Hamlet Madness, understood as an abnormal state of mind, broadens across a spectrum of unrecognizable or worrying behaviors. Numerous Shakespearian performances touch on the theme of madness, though Shakespeare 's Hamlet displays the idea rather clearly because of the difficulties that the main character endures. Prince Hamlet is troubled by the lack of grieving from his mother after his father had died. Hamlet 's mother, Queen Gertrude, remarries Hamlet 's uncle, Claudius, less than two months after old King Hamlet had passed on, or so Hamlet believes. Hamlet is soon visited by the ghost of his father who reveals that King Claudius had poisoned him and that Hamlet must gain revenge. All while trying to deal with the outrageous happenings within the kingdom, Hamlet is also troubled by his love interest, Ophelia, along with his comrades. It is not surprising that Hamlet begins to reach insanity due to this unfortunate chain of events. Madness, displayed through Hamlet 's thoughts, emotions, and actions, becomes apparent to the characters similarly as it is expressed to Hamlet, himself. Gaining clarity through each act, the madness of Hamlet 's thoughts influence his willingness to live and his personal sense of belief. Hamlet describes his desire to endure the pain of suicide in his first soliloquy: "O, that this too too sullied flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve itself into a dew" (1.2.134-135). The suffering…
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