The Mafia Did Not Kill John F. Kennedy

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Since the death of John F. Kennedy many theories have evolved regarding the individual or individuals who killed the president. Conspiracy theorist, as well as average citizens, believes Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president, or that he was not the only person involved in the assignation. According to a 2005 poll 35.90% of the respondents believe someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy ( View Poll Results: Who killed JFK? Lee Harvey Oswald 13 16.46% Lee Harvey Oswald and someone else 12 15.19% Someone else 29 36.71% Other 9 11.39% The bullet, DUH! 16 20.25% Voters: 79. You have already voted on this poll Possible suspects…show more content…
Many more connections with President Kennedy and the Mafia exist, however the Mafia did not kill President Kennedy. The Mafia had the motive and the resources to kill the president (Anders). They also could have easily concealed their involvement in the assignation. For years prior to the election of President Kennedy the CIA had the phones of various Mafia leaders tapped (Dallek). On all of the recordings held by the CIA there is no evidence of the Mafia’s involvement with the assignation of the president. It is believed the Mafia had more reason to kill the Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, than his brother the president. According to Anders “…it’s hard to imagine that a group as corrupt as the organized crime syndicate could have kept this secret for 30 years without a rapid wholesale slaughter of everyone connected to the killing…” Members of the Mafia were investigated and interrogated over the years. Not one individual implicated the Mafia. Although Dallek states in his book the Mafia helped to elect Kennedy president there is evidence this did not happen. In his 2006 article Wood discussed an analysis of the 1960 vote totals from the Mafia controlled election districts in Chicago. It was found individuals in those areas did not show a significant increase in votes for Kennedy. The election totals for West Virginia have also been questioned over the years. The Warren Commission concluded there
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