The Magazine And Interest Sources Essay

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I collected advertisements from different magazine and interest sources. I used three magazines to review and collect advertisements from. The magazines are called Watch, Discover Beauty Within, and Seventeen. Watch magazine is a lifestyle magazine entertainment, fashion and beauty magazine. This magazine gives audience a look into the world of celebrities and style through the celebrity’s perspective. The magazine contains interviews and photo shoots of celebrities. Discover Beauty Within is a beauty magazine launched by Walgreens that provides tips, tricks and coupons exclusively to shoppers at Walgreens. Seventeen magazine is a fashion magazine that consist of fashion, beauty, dating, and health tips. The magazines varied from teens, adult magazine and beauty. I used six internet sources for additional advertisements online. I used four different blogs, Victoria Secret, and CBS network. The selection of magazines and internet sources targeted women of different ages and topics. A significant amount of the sources for women seem to have the same subject matter, such as beauty, fashion, relationship advice, and celebrities.
In the first ad we have an ad for a Metro bus where a women is trying to engage another one in a conversation. However the other women is not interested and responds with “can we just talk about shoes”. The ad reinforces the stereotype that women are not smart or intelligent enough to want to discuss things outside of the typecast gender role
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