The Magazine Ladies Repository Magazine

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The magazine Ladies Repository: A Monthly Periodical Devoted to Literature, Arts, and Religion is a magazine that was published in 1800 and was targeted towards young women. The magazine was a way to help teach and encourage women of the time on how to properly fit in and behave according to the rules that society had placed on them. It taught them how to be considered an ideal, cultured woman with high morals and spiritual standards. Although many readers today would argue that the teachings and ideas taught by this magazine are extremely outdated and outrageously sexist, one must realize that this was society’s standard for women during the 1800’s. The Ladies Repository magazine is a monthly issued magazine that is dedicated to teaching its readers, mostly young Christian women, about literature, arts and religion. It is issued by the Methodist church in Cincinnati and written mostly by ministers. Each issue of the magazine was published from the year 1841 to 1876. The articles in the December 1841 issue of the magazine contains a series of well written essays about life lessons for women, moral character, religion, ancient fortifications, deity and nature, various exerts of poetry, various examples of literature from different countries in their native language, phrenology, the reformed inebriate, motherhood, the training of girls, history, science, and temperance. These articles are used to help enhance a young woman’s mind to help them have a better relationship with
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