The Magdalen With The Smoking Flame Summary

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The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame is a work of art done by Georges De La Tour. It was completed in the year 1640 using oil paint on canvas in France, and it is now located at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This painting is of a woman, possibly pregnant, sitting leaning on a table her head rested on one hand. She also has a skull on her lap and the other hand placed on it. In the back ground there is a small stack of books and candlelight. More than anything on this painting, it is focused on the woman state of mind and heart rather than the skull or anything else. The simple arrangement of how the artist used vertical and horizontal shapes draws the viewer really close into the Magdalen's thoughts. The skull and the books purpose is to set the mood in what the woman might be feeling. The focal point of the entire painting seems to be the candle because not only is it bright, but the woman is gazing profoundly into it. Everything in the painting is smoothed surface. The painter did not use texture in the paint but only in very few areas like in the oil of the candle. The tones in this painting are warm. There are a lot of browns and ambers. A few cool colors were used to define the shadows of the shapes with blue. The attention getter is the candle light. It’s almost hard to ignore because it is so bright. The second brightest thing in the painting is the woman’s shirt, but even that is not as bright because of all the shadows and creases in it. Another reason why

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