The Magic Of The Surreal Dubai

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The magic of the surreal Dubai Dubai - is a giant Disneyland, where everything is based on the law of supply and demand, and life is artificial; the main destination on Tourists’ map and one of the main cities of the United Arab Emirates, most of the time, wrongly assumed as a capital of the country. Dubai attracts with inadequate amount of entertainments, and ability to earn and live a better life. In the past four decades the United Arab Emirates developed with the speed that takes other countries centuries. Although proud Arab people trying not to think about past, when the “British assumed all responsibility for arbitrating in any disputes between the Sheikhs of the area”, and the area was kind of colonized under British Empire. Emiratis admire western expatriates and this is no secret that with the support of the British (or American) citizenship the attitude is changing to better, and salary higher than that of other foreigners Until now, this approach has justified itself: in just 43 years of existence of the United Arab Emirates have become the country with a developed economy and infrastructure. And the Dubai from small villages, hunted pearling and fish became a city-fairy tale, the richness of which legends. Legends of the lot. It should be noted that many of them have been confirmed in reality. But, believe me, they were all carefully thought out and planned by marketers, Dubai is considered primarily as a brand, the value of which increases with increasing

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