The Magic Treehouse Series By Mary Pope Osborne

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She walked into the classroom; eyes sparkling with excitement. The teacher arranged everyone into a single file line to walk down the hall. She could not contain her excitement as the line moved forward, then around a corner, and ended up at her favorite place: the library. She searched through the shelves and looked in a couple bins, but nothing seemed to catch her eye. Ten minutes went by and she was still looking, hoping she would find that connection. Finally, she was scavenging through a basket and found a short chapter book by Mary Pope Osborne. The title was Dinosaurs Before Dark; the first book of the Magic Treehouse series. She ran straight home to show her mother as she did every week.
Something about fiction made her feel free---as if anything was possible. There were no limitations to the story. She took her new book and headed straight for her room. She sat in her green bean bag chair, cracked open the first page, and began to read. This book was like nothing she had read before. Her love of dinosaurs and magic made it easy for her to get sucked into to this parallel world. When it was time for bed, she would pretend to put the book away until her mother kissed her good night and shut the door; then she would open the book, and continue reading into the late hours of the night. She was fascinated by the way the words danced across the page in perfect unison. Every sentence flowed with such ease that it seemed effortless. She loved to read, to learn, to…

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