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The importance of music in movies is highly regarded for manipulating the viewer’s emotions and helping them immerse into the story. Music is one of the prime elements in cinema. Without it a movie would feel dull and unexciting. There are three elements in a movie: one is acting, the second is picture, and the third one is music. It is a holy trinity; if incomplete, there would be a lack of sensation and excitement. Both acting and picture can stand independently from one another, but music is the one that makes the movie memorable. There are thousands of movie composers in the music industry, a few who triumph and whose work is well known to almost half of the world. One example of that can be the famous Maestro John Williams. John …show more content…
If the composer puts action music in a thrilling scene; by logic, it would be wrong. The audience would not feel the punch of the scene. That is why there must be an emotion linked to the melody, so that the music reaches the deepest sensations. While well-crafted sound design and sound effects are so very necessary in the creation of a film, music touches the emotion, the psyche, and the things you cannot see. Sound design and effects don’t do this nearly as efficiently and naturally. Without music it would be much more difficult to follow the emotional ups and downs of a film. (Freer)
This clearly explains the significance of music and the role that has in motion pictures. Music has to match the emotions that the actors are showing and the environment they are in. If fail to do so, the movie could be a dreadful thing to watch. Another facet of movie music is the leitmotifs. “Wagner’s chief technical innovation was the development of the leitmotif system in which short, recognizable musical phrases become associated with narrative and thematic ideas and develop symphonically to mirror the development of the drama”. Composers use this to identify characters, environments, emotions or ideas. One example of that could be the score for Lord of the Rings. Each character has its main musical theme. One of the most recognizable would be the leitmotifs themes of the character Gollum. “The theme is based on a

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