The Magical Island By George Orwell

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Once upon a time there was a magical island called Fabulosa. This magical island was known throughout the kingdom of Lavanthos. It was said that it contained great treasures and riches. However no living man had ever seen the island, or even knew where it was. The only soul who knew the secret of the island was a monster so evil that even looking into its eyes would set a man on fire. To get the monster to tell you where Fabulosa was, one would have to walk blindly into the monster’s lair with their eyes closed so they would not be set on fire and would have to solve a riddle created by the monster. If you got the riddle wrong the monster would eat you. But to even get to the monster one had to climb the tallest mountain of Lavanthos. Many men had made it to the top of the mountain, but none had had solved the riddle given by the monster. However young Maximus was not “many men.” Unlike all the other men Maximus was not rich, nor privileged, and was not known through the kingdom. Instead he was a quiet young orphan working as a servant for the king in his castle. Maximus had a brother named Toby who had looked after him ever since their father left them after their mother died from a sickness. Their mother’s death was very emotional for Maximus and Toby who were both very close to her. On her deathbed she gave her sons Maximus and Toby a beautiful locket for them to remember her. It was gold with beautiful gems embedded in it. Inside the locket was just a small mirror.…

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