The Magna And Rousseau Theory Of The Social Contract

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Magna Carta vs Rousseau
The Magna Carta and Rousseau theory of the social contract are both different and similar in many ways. The Magna Carta protects a certain group of people. And the Rousseau theory of the social contract is to protect everyone. But they also have a lot of similarities such as the fact that they both put restrains on the government.
Magna Carta
The Magna Carta is a series of documents that represent an important step in the progression of governance in western civilization. The foundation of the Magna Carta was that everybody including the king was subjected to the law. This document defined and limited the federal rights of the monarch. In spite of what the Magna Carta outlooks today, this document was not written with proud ideas of justice and liberty in mind. It was initially meant as a peace treaty between king john and his barons, with whom he was at war with. The barons had seized London and john found himself in a political jumble, he need a swift way out solution. The document only covers the nobility, connected, the land owners. So blacks, kids, women, and the poor was not covered by the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta never accomplish its goal of producing peace. In datum it failed dramatically. Granting john agreed to the Magna Carta at first, he swiftly became acrimonious when his terms were enforced upon him. He transcribed a letter to the pope to get it null and void. The pope essentially happened to come to an agreement with john, by…
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