The Magna Carte, The Declaration Of Independence, And But The Communist Manifesto

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Throughout out the history of the world many documents have had profound influences upon humanity. The Magna Carte, The Declaration of Independence, and even the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx are examples of some of the documents that have helped to shape humanity. The Bible has had perhaps more impact on humanity than any other Document ever written. Many people read the Bible, but know little of the history of the Bible itself. The history of the Bible is a fascinating story of the creation of the Bible versions seen today. Many people are familiar with at least some of the contents of the Bible, but the average person knows little of the people, processes, and events involved in its creation and translations.
The Bible is a collection of texts sacred to Jews and Christians. Judaism and Christianity may both use the word Bible, however the texts included in their respective collections differ. The Bible canons of other religions may contain other books. These books may sometimes have different divisions or combinations. Other religious groups may include additional materials in their respective Bible canon. The Bible is not a singluar work. In fact, many Bibles exist each with differing contents.
The history of the Bible begins with the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Some Years later God gave Moses the written and oral Torah.
The Torah consists of the Pentateuch and the other twenty books of the Tanakh. The Tanakh contains three subdivisions,

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