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In the video, "The Magnificent African Cake" by Basil Davidson, Africa was divided up into new colonies by Europeans. After the end of slavery in Africa, Europeans wanted to expand their empires for industrialization and commerce. This period of time was called the "scramble for Africa" because many European countries were claiming as much land from Africa. In 1884, the Berlin Congress was held and these European countries "sliced" up the African countries like a cake where each country got its portion of land. The opinions and representation of Africans was non existent. In fact, Europeans considered Africans as "helpless children or lazy settlers." This led to the feeling that Africans were inferior to Europeans and killings of Africans …show more content…
Still, Senegal "produced the first African man in the French Parliament." In 1914, Blaise Diagne, who was an African, was elected to the French parliament. Also, around that time about 200,000 African were sent to fight in World War I. An interesting fact is that Africans in the trenches of Africa were considered as equals, but when they got back to Senegal they were met with the same racism that existed before the war. Also, the French design the economy of Senegal to export the cash crops of Senegal to France. This was similar to the other European colonies were the wealth of Africa was exported to Europe as raw material then sold back to the colonies for a profit. This economic cycle collapsed in 1929 when the "world depression" occurred. The world depression caused an "African economic crisis" because Europe was the only buyer. This causes many African companies to go bankrupt and now the people of these companies had to work for the European companies in Africa. Moreover, this caused an even greater dependency on Europe for the Africans.

The British took a lot of there land forcefully. One example happened in the Ashanti nation. Once England controlled the land, "The king of the Ashanti was publicly humiliated after surrendering." The king was forced to kiss the boot of the British commander. Also, the Ashanti's land was annexed from them in 1901. The British called this land the gold coast. Overall, the British "rejoiced" over their conquering of

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