The Magnificent Life of the Black Hole

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The magnificent life of a black hole. The black hole is a mystery that you will want to learn about. A black hole does many wonderful things in outer space. Black holes in outer space have been a mystery for years. There are many questions such as how is a black hole born and how does a black hole grow. What is a black hole? A black hole is a dead star in outer space. It is where planets and stars disappear at. The gravity of a black hole is way too strong ( Aguilar 39). The black hole is a weird object in outer space and a black hole is formed when two giant stars or more collapse together and basically vacuum anything that comes near it ( Aguilar 39). It might be gases around the black hole. People call it a black hole because light…show more content…
They are also born from something called supernovae and the skies may give a flash like a supernovae showing or giving a sign such as a black hole is forming or is creating a black hole. These are a lot of different ways a black hole in outer space is created or is born ( How does a black hole grow? Black holes grow by eating other stars (Science & Technology from the U). Black holes sometimes constantly swallow stars because they are too close to the black hole (Science & Technology from the U). First, Scientists found out that black holes grow very big because they are sucking binary stars, and they also discovered that there are two ways that causes a black hole to grow super big and they are with gas clouds and with stars (Science & Technology from the U). Secondly, they also grow by sucking in anything that comes near it. Black holes mostly grow super big by stars because sometimes there is gas and sometimes there is not. There are a large amount of stars sucked into a black hole. Black holes come in different sizes such as small, medium, and large. It’s hard to measure a black hole (Mack 31). Third, there is no real surface to measure of a black hole so that makes it hard to measure a black hole (Mack 31). There is only a boundary around the black hole and the boundary around the black hole is called an event horizon

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