The Main Agents Of Change

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This research aims to investigate the response of the main agents of change namely the educators and administrators in Malaysia, to adopt the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). It specifically focuses on the interaction between the borrowed language policy and the agents (administrators and educators) at the tertiary level of education and the ultimate aim is to investigate how the macro level policy is acted out at micro level. To begin with, this research will examine on how the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) has responded to overcome the insufficient level of English proficiency particularly among graduates in Malaysia. Next, by drawing on various theoretical resources on borrowed language policy as well as the concept of governmentality as a theoretical framework of investigation, this research seeks to explore the extent to which this language policy is embedded into the practices through the concept of governmentality. In addition, this research will reveal the direction of localizing the global language policy that has taken place in the respective institution by the administrators and educators, thus providing a better understanding on the implementation of the policy. Finally, this research will also identify the challenges and advantages of the existing language syllabus and institution’s practices in line with the CEFR policy. In this first chapter, I will describe and introduce the readers to the contextual background of the research which
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