The Main Aim of Practicing Yoga

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Yoga constitutes of the spiritual, mental and physical practices that originate from ancient India. The main aim of this practice is to accomplish a permanent state of mind so that an individual can experience true self. Yoga comes from two roots namely yujir yoga, which means to yoke and Yuj Samadhau meaning to concentrate. According to Yoga Sutras of Patanjali yoga is “the stilling of the changing states of mind.” (DiTuro & Yang, 2012). The three main traditions that use yoga include Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. There are various types of yoga, but this research mainly talks about hatha yoga. Hatha yoga, also known as hatha vidya is a yoga that mainly focuses on postures (asanas). It puts so much emphasis on the mental and physical exercises and postures that enhance strength. In addition, other disciplines used by hatha yoga include breathing, meditation, purification procedures and gestures. Hatha yoga has no age, gender, weight or height limitations, therefore, people have the freedom to utilize its power beyond physical boundaries (Norberg & Lundberg, 2011). Hatha yoga uses opposing energies, namely hot and cold, which are similar to the concept of yin and yang. It attempts to balance the body and mind through controlled breathing, purification procedures, physical postures and relaxing the mind via meditation. This form of practice utilizes six limbs, which include Dharana (concentration), Samadhi (absorption), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dhyana
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